Drooling Homer: new design in my shop!

It’s been a while since I last wrote a post. More than a year 😦
I would like to come back posting some pictures of my last design (taken from Inktober 2k18), with a drooling Homer.

Let me know if you like it! Here the link to the store…

Luka Dončić portrait

Yesterday was an amazing day for Slovenia and the world of basket: Slovenia endend the Eurobasket final with it’s own 1st victory, scoring 93 points against Serbia’s 85. Slovenia was not supposed to win but she did. You can read about the epic climb to victory in news all over the world (Euroleague, Daily Sabah, […]

Lip Gallagher

I’m obsessed with Shameless. And I love the character of Lip Gallagher (Phillip Ronan Gallagher). He has an average intelligence but he’s a mess in personal life (like all the Gallagher’s). And I love his facial features. That’s why I wanted to make this illustration. I think there will be others…

Let them eat brioche: Design available on Society6

When I studied French Revolution I read about Mary Antoinette that she said “Let them eat brioche” (“Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”) when she was told that french people had no bread. Probabily she never said that but I liked this sentence so much that I wanted make a drawing about it… Here we go. If […]